Egypt — the birthplace of TOLI.

Since 2004, TOLI has distributed thousands of microloans in Egypt.  In fact, there are entire villages where the TOLI loan program is self-sustaining, requiring no new outside capital for years. The TOLI program has profoundly changed these villages for the better, growing enterprise, stability, and economic freedom, all while sharing the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed. Our dynamic partnership with Heliopolis Evangelical Church is key to our recent expansion throughout the city of Cairo and surrounding villages. 

Project Locations:

  • El Kom El Akhdar

  • Nazlett Hanna

  • Garbage Village/Manshiyet Nasr

  • Aswan

  • Haggana

  • Manfalot

  • Ezbet Girgis

  • Elwaklia

  • Ezbet Rezk

  • Shams El Deen

  • El Sharabia

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Poverty rate: 27.8% 
Population under age 20:  52%
Illiteracy rate: 14% males / 26% females
Unemployment rate: 13% 


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Key ministry partners: