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This fall TOLI launches in Kenya. To start the program, we need to equip at least 10 entrepreneurs with a new loan (10 X $300).

Will you join our Kenya Launch Team?

By sponsoring a loan for $300 (or a share of a loan), you will help one new entrepreneur start a self-sustaining business that will provide for herself, her family and her community.

We provide the loan, small business education,  mentoring, and spiritual support. The entrepreneurs provide the creativity, conviction, determination, and hard work.

Here's the best part: when the loan is paid back, it's reissued to another entrepreneur in the same village. So your one-time gift will continue to give hope again and again!

In October, a team of board members and TOLI leaders will travel to several ministries in Kenya to initiate the program with local nonprofits. Please pray that God would bless and expand this new initiative. Thanks in advance for your partnership!

Yes, I want to sponsor a loan!

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