In the village of Mai-i-ihii, outside of Nairobi, TOLI partners with Comet House Ministry to invest in women and young people who need a kickstart to self-sustaining businesses. Through entrepreneurship education, savings groups and microloans, these women are seeing their dreams of an income-producing business come to life. 

In the rural village of Magumoni, Central Kenya, we partner with KCK Ministries to serve subsistence farmers, by facilitating a savings group, implementing small business education and granting microloans for small businesses.

In both sites, our local staffers walk alongside clients and invest personally in the communities, sharing the light of Christ and the hope of the Gospel all along the way.

Project Locations:

  • Mai-i-Ihii
  • Magumoni


Population: 47,615,739
Population under age 15: 42%
Religions: Roman Catholic 51.6%, Evangelical 33.9%, other 1.5%, unspecified 12.9%
Unemployment rate: 11%
Literacy rate: male: 81% / female: 75%
People living below poverty line: 36%

Sources: UNICEF; CIA; UNDP; Kenya Economic Update

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