Family-sized transformation

This husband and wife once struggled to survive. Now they're providing for their family — and their community.

A few years ago, Nady had a stroke that left him unemployed and unable to provide for his wife and two young sons. His family's future was bleak. 

Then someone at church encouraged him to apply for a TOLI microloan to build an income-earning project. In fact, Nady already had a good idea for a business: Because fresh meat is only available at the local market once a week and nobody owns a freezer, there was a need for frozen meat supply. Nady invested in a deep freezer with a $200 TOLI microloan, and began selling frozen chicken, beef, and lamb seven days a week from his home. His neighbors now had access to meat all week long, and Nady had a new source of income.


Nady quickly began earning a profit that helped re-stabilize the family, earn steady income, and pay back the loan. But this family was just getting started.

His wife, Mervet, dreamed of creating her own hair salon. After seeing Nady's success, she dove in too, and Mervet took a TOLI loan to buy a salon chair, hair dryers, and a curling iron. She was in business. 

Today, while Nady sells meat out of the back of their house, Mervet cuts and styles hair in the front. Together they are meeting all the needs of their family, paying for school for their two boys, George and Joseph, providing key resources to their small village, and finding ways to give back to their community.  And since they both have paid back their loans, neighbors have had the opportunity to use these revolving loan funds too.

Two weeks ago, we had the honor of meeting with Nady and Mervet in their village of El Kom El-Akhdar, Egypt — one of thousands that TOLI has impacted around the world. We met with scores of clients like them and were so encouraged to see firsthand how God is using TOLI to strengthen households like Nady and Mervet's, which then impact whole communities and help transform entire villages.

In fact, we are daring to dream that TOLI can transform all of Egypt. Will you dream with us?  

Come pray with us.

Maybe you can't travel with us to meet our clients firsthand. But if you're in the Colorado Springs area you can do the next best thing.  Each month we gather staff and volunteers to pray — and we want you to join us. You'll hear stories about what's going on at each site and updates on individual clients and their families. And then together we pray for them, by name. Please join us!

#TOLITuesday Prayer Gathering // 2nd Tuesday of each month
October 9, 12pm-1pm
Where: 5785 N. Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

If you have questions, or would prefer to join us by phone to pray, please email Linda Hood, our TOLI Prayer Coordinator. 


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