The coastal town of Puerto Cabezas used to thrive on tourism — until Hurricane Felix hit in 2007. It never recovered. Today the drug trade fuels the economy — and the hopelessness of many of its residents.

Here TOLI partners with VERBO Church in Puerto Cabezas, which also runs an orphanage, school, jail ministry, and a thriving church. Together we are reaching mothers who have little regular income to help them build small enterprises. Coupled with intentional discipleship opportunities, small business training sessions, and coaching from our partners and social worker, these women are finding hope where hope had been lost. 


Project Locations:

  • Puerto Cabezas


by the numbers: 

Population: 6,025,951
Population under age 18: 39%
Religions: Roman Catholic 51.6%, Evangelical 33.9%, other 1.5%, unspecified 12.9%
Unemployment rate: 6.5%
Literacy rate: male: 82% / female: 83%
People living below poverty line: 29.6%

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