Sometimes the difference between despair and hope is just a Touch of Love.

What we do

We answer God’s call to help the hungry, broken, and lost by empowering the poor through microloans, enterprise and discipleship. We build collaborative relationships with local church bodies and Christian NGOs— relationships marked by mutuality, respect, sustainability, efficiency and shared mission. Through these partnerships we work together, community by community, to help break the cycle of poverty and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Why microloans?

Because we believe there is no hope in a handout. Microloans are not handouts, or aid, or donations. These small but significant loans are high impact because they represent trust in the God-given value of each individual. Paired with strategic training, local accountability and repeated reinvestment, TOLI microloans effect change not just in individual lives but entire communities that is long-term, dignified and sustainable. 

Our microloan clients learn to save and manage finances with a goal of repaying their loans, usually within 18 months. TOLI loans are never paid out in cash, but in the form of goods needed to start up a new business enterprise. Loan repayments continually revolve to finance new microloans within the same community. To date, TOLI loan repayment rates exceed 95%.

It's all about relationship

Through our partnerships, we hire and train local staff to be the hands and feet of our program. These staffers identify potential microloan clients and walk them through the process of developing a business that will support their family and provide valuable services for their community. These local staff members aren’t just loan officers — they also serve as mentor, coach and spiritual support to our clients. 


how toli is different

  • We partner with existing non-profits and local churches already working in under-resourced communities. TOLI aims to be 'invisible,' offering a tool for local ministries to serve their populations in a new and sustainable way.

  • We hire local, in-country personnel to mentor entrepreneurs and administer the program

  • Loans are revolving and stay local: repayment funds are reinvested in the same community to create new businesses or grow existing ones

  • Loans are paid in the form of goods needed to start up a new business enterprise. To ensure accountability and impact, loans are never paid in cash.

  • After the loan is granted, a field staffer will work closely with entrepreneurs, offering ongoing support, business training, and Christian discipleship for the length of the loan term, usually around 18 months.

  • Loan repayment rates exceed 95%

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.