A helping hand for a fresh start.

TOLI's Refugee Program serves families and displaced individuals resettled in Colorado.

Several hundred refugees are placed in Colorado Springs each year, seeking a chance for a future for their families. Faced with culture shock, isolation, homesickness, and pressure to find employment, these refugees struggle to get on their feet.

TOLI's Refugee Program centers around a monthly meeting where refugees can express their struggles and frustrations with each other in a safe environment. These meetings help to grow community among people going through similar struggles, as well as to build trust between the refugees and TOLI volunteers.

Here's how we help:

1. Material needs. We help connect families with items like furniture, housewares, clothing and other needs.

2. English as a second language. We offer classes and assistance in learning English at all profiency levels.

3. Cultural education. Living in a new culture is disorienting and confusing. We help coach new refugees on the ins and outs of life in the US.

4. Job assistance. Workshops offer help with practical skills like resume writing and interview etiquette. Small business and household financial training is also offered.

5. Relationship building. Above all else displaced people desire peace and hope for a future. Many of them have come from wartorn areas and a desperate for something to put their trust in. Our program is largely relationship based to help people learn how to journey through life together. As relationships grow between volunteers and refugees, barriers fall away and friendships are formed.


Banner image courtesy of Mohabk/CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons