Six countries, four continents, countless lives ... and growing.



Egypt is the birthplace of TOLI. With more than 1500 loans distributed here (and counting), there are entire villages where the TOLI loan program is self-sustaining — meaning as recipients pay back their loan, new entrepreneurs are offered funds. Modest interest on the loans employs multiple staffers in each village.  In one village alone, Al Kom Al Akhdar, an initial investment of $20,000 just over ten years ago, has translated into more than $500,000 worth of business enterprise.



Duars, India is nestled in the far northeast of the country, wedged between Nepal and Bhutan. Through a strategic partnership with a ministry in the region, we have issued dozens of loans to families in the last year. Projects range from livestock, like pigs and goats, to a small shop to tailoring businesses. Many are already successful enough that loans have been repaid and are now being reinvested in the community.



Although situated on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Albania is an economically depressed country that seems forgotten. Starting in late 2017 in the capital of Tirana, TOLI will begin offering its first round of loans to recipients.



We are in the early stages of a new partnership in Kenya starting in late 2017.  TOLI seeks to invest in youth and single mothers who need a kickstart to self-sustaining businesses. Through entrepreneurship education and microloans, lives and whole communities will be transformed. To join our Kenya initiative, click here:



The coastal town of Puerto Cabezas used to thrive on tourism — until Hurricane Felix hit in 2007. It never recovered. Today the drug trade fuels the economy — and the hopelessness of many of its residents. The jail in Puertos Cabezas is filled with women who ran drugs in a desperate attempt to care for their families. TOLI is evaluating partnership opportunities with a local ministry that helps these women recover, heal and build new futures for themselves and for their families.


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Refugees struggle daily to overcome language and cultural barriers in order to establish a life for themselves and their families in a new land. Our refugee program in Colorado Springs provides hope to these families through: material aid, language classes, cultural guidance, mentoring and entrepreneurship education. 

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